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Social media is saturated with workout/meal plans, fad diets, and quick fixes. The number one scientifically proven factor in training success is the consistency (adherence) of a program.

Our online personal training programs utilize scientifically developed programming and structure to achieve goals over time. No two programs issued are the same - we customize the methods and structure to what you enjoy the most, and will be able to maintain during your training process.

The same process is applied to your nutrition plan and goal setting. Everything we set up for you will be specific to where you are at in your journey - and will evolve as you do.

When you begin, we will ask a series of thorough questions to tailor the system. We do not want you to give up your happiness in the pursuit of your fitness goals.    

Eventually you will be in a position where you no longer need a fitness coach, as you will be able to implement the knowledge and decision making on your own. We strive to get all of our clients to this position, but will always be available for questions in the future.

Why MWP Online?

Daily Accountability & Communication

Communication with MWP will be as often and as frequent as you need. If you have any questions we are always online to answer. MWP believes in positivity, you will feel an environment of community and support that is pushing you towards your goals.

You will also receive a weekly check-in to make sure that you are moving towards your goals.

Fully Individualized Strength & Conditioning Program

We find out how you enjoy being active and make that a priority. If it is not a chore the likelihood of you sticking to your program will be increased greatly! An activity target will be assigned to keep things as objective as possible.

Even if you have no experience lifting, or hate the gym - your MWP program will take this into consideration, providing coaching, videos and feedback that you can even do at home with little to no equipment (even though a gym is preferred).

No one wants/needs to spend hours in a gym every day. We will make sure that you are able to meet your goals while spending as little time in the gym as possible.

Tailored Nutritional Targets

Personalized calorie and protein targets will be assigned, making reaching your goals as objective as possible.

We do not want you to sacrifice your favorite foods/drinks/social events, by utilizing the principles of flexible dieting - you are able to continue to live while achieving your fitness goals.

Flexible Programming

You choose when you want to train, you are in charge of your schedule. Gone are the days of being at the mercy of your personal trainer.

Cost Effective

The weekly cost of online programming ranges from $50-$60, considerably less than the average cost of a one hour personal training session.

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