1 on 1 - Personal Training

Social media is saturated with workout/meal plans, fad diets and quick fixes. The number one, scientifically proven factor in training success is the consistency of a program.

Our 1 on 1 Personal Training combines the most tried and tested means and methods for both training and nutritional guidance. You will be receiving a first class training environment, combined with a nutritional plan that will allow you to meet your goals.

Our training programs utilize scientifically developed programming and structure to achieve goals over time. No two programs issued are the same - we customize the methods and structure what you enjoy the most, and will be able to maintain during your training process.

The same process is applied to your nutrition plan, and goal setting. Everything we set up for you will be specific to where you are at in your journey - and will evolve as you do.

When you begin, we will ask a series of thorough questions to tailor the system. We do not want you to give up your happiness in the pursuit of your fitness goals.    

The big picture view of this system is that we impart knowledge (nutrition, strength/conditioning and goal setting) so in the future we are no longer needed.

Goal Management

The majority of the population want to either lose or gain ‘weight’ - When in reality they more than likely need a combination of both.

We work closely with you to set small obtainable goals (with rewards), that before you know it have become massive movements towards your big picture

Goals can include:

  • Body Composition Improvement

  • Strength/Power Development

  • Increase lean body mass (hypertrophy)

  • Develop movement capabilities & capacity

  • Reducing injury risk / asymmetries

  • Sport Specific Strength & Conditioning

  • Energy Management

Event Preparation:

  • Bride / Groom Wedding Preparation

  • Spartan Race / Tough Mudder Race Preparation

  • 5k / 10k / Half / Full Marathon Preparation

  • Triathlon Preparation

  • Sport Specific Preparation

  • Fitness Model / Bodybuilding Preparation

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Why MWP?

The Art

  • > 10,000 in person coaching hours training all abilities and performance goals

    • Men / Women / Boys / Girls

    • 7 - 82 age range

    • Beginners to Elite International Athletes

The Science

  • Over 10 years of studying the Physiology of Exercise:

    • Bachelors of Science - Exercise Physiology - Midwestern State University

    • Masters of Science - Exercise Physiology - Midwestern State University (ABT)

    • Masters of Science - Kinesiology - Texas Christian University

    • Licensed by the NSCA (CSCS), CSCCa (SCCC), USAW and many more.

The Application

  • MWP believes that as soon as you stop learning, you start dying. Therefore, we are constantly trying to increase our knowledge and increase the efficiency of our methods to give you a better product.

  • Combining the art, and science of training with state of the art technology to streamline your fitness experience - removing the guess work from your fitness journey.



When creating and assigning nutritional plans, MWP uses the processes and methods that have been scientifically and practically examined by Precision Nutrition.

The information that we provide you is wholly individual to you and your journey, and is fluid as we move through the process and you meet your goals.

The old saying “you can’t out-train a bad diet” is true for the most part. By remaining consistent, and having a plan that you can both enjoy and is in line with your goals allows consistency and sustained results over time.

No food or food groups are banned or frowned upon; restricted diets are not great for long periods of time. We want to teach you how to make better decisions, the macro-nutrient value of different foods and how to add/subtract these values to achieve your goals. Everything is OK in moderation (even a glass of red wine every now and then).



All MWP training plans use methodologies that have been both scientifically and practically investigated. When we put together your training plan, we take into account the following parameters:

  • Training Age/Experience

  • Favorite activities/exercises/conditioning

  • Injuries/Limitations

  • Training Time

  • Facilities available

When these have been considered we use simple steps to achieve progressive overload and tax the correct energy systems to achieve the desired adaptation.

Daily Activity - The other 23

This is the make or break piece of the fitness puzzle. Usually, fitness goals can be met by increasing your daily activity (TDEE), maintaining either a calorie surplus / deficit and implementing effective training techniques; the energy balance equation:

Weight Gain (Calorie Surplus) = Calories Consumed > Calories Expended

Weight Loss (Calorie Deficit) = Calories Consumed < Calories Expended

Monitoring your activity during the 23 hours that you aren’t training allows us to make more accurate decisions on where to take your nutritional targets (calories/macros) and makes achieving your goals more efficient. This might sound invasive, but it is as simple as wearing a watch like device on your wrist.

It is not in the best interest of longevity and compliance to hammer long periods of conditioning on top of low calories. By understanding what is happening in the 23 hours that you are not training with us, we can make small adjustments to your current lifestyle to make sure that your targeted intake is met.


What constitutes a good warm up?

Why am I chronically ‘tight’?

How do I fix my lower back pain?

How do I write my own strength & conditioning program?

How can I reach my goals?

  • Being a MWP member not only gives you the tools to be successful, but we also work on educating you to be your own personal trainer over time.

  • If we can’t answer one of your questions we will work diligently until we have the answer.

  • If you have an injury, or limitation we will program around these factors making sure that you can still achieve your goals without causing additional pain or discomfort. Hopefully removing all pain through the use of mobility/stability/flexibility exercises, aerobic conditioning and soft tissue preparation.


By combining the art, science and technology we are able to increase accountability and streamline the online coaching process. All applications are available on both iOS (Apple) and Android platforms.

There are no extra costs to use these applications. In order to get the full benefit, it is recommended that a Polar Heart Rate watch/strap combination are purchased.

Polar Flow

Polar Flow, when coupled with a Polar wrist device will allow syncing of your daily activity with both MyFitnessPal and the MWP application.

  • Track all daily activity objectively - so you can accurately measure your output

  • Measure sleep quality and duration - a factor in body composition changes

  • Accurately measure the caloric expenditure of training sessions to remove guess work


This application will be your go to when recording what food you are consuming, a digital food diary.

  • Automatically breaks down what you are eating into macro-nutrients (CHO/Fat/PRO)

  • Makes meeting your macros very easy and obtainable

  • Comes with a bar code scanner, and food database to search what you are consuming.

All 1on1 Personal Training Sessions Include the following:

  • Baseline and Periodic fitness assessment conducted, including

    • Height / Weight

    • Body Measurements (girth)

      • Neck / Shoulder/ Chest/ Upper Arm / Waist / Hip / Thigh / Calf

    • Body Fat %

      • 7 Site Jackson & Pollock Formula (gold standard skinfold method)

    • Resting Heart Rate

      • Valid predictor of aerobic energy system development and stress resillience

  • Monthly Goal Setting Session

    • Reassessment is included and adapts as you meet your goals

  • 3-4-5x / Week Programming based upon reaching your specific goals and scheduling

    • Based upon your current health status

    • Gym equipment availability

  • Individualized Energy System Development using Heart Rate monitoring technology

    • You conduct these sessions on your own, with parameters set by MWP - saving you $$

  • Custom nutritional guidance and calorie/macro-nutrient programming (and education)

  • Hourly fee or discounted packages available.

  • Group Training Possible (please contact for information)

  • Unlimited communication via WhatsApp or email

  • Impart knowledge & education about training and nutrition so that personal training is no longer needed

    • Eventually transition into online only coaching programming

  • Duration: Depending on your goals and desire to train

Hybrid Personal Training

We do offer a combination of both online and 1on1 personal training.

For more information, please contact us.

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