Golf Performance Training

MWP offers several services to facilitate elevated golfing performance and lower handicaps.

Performance Pyramid

Using the Titleist Performance Institute framework as well as the knowledge and education developed over thousands of coaching hours, MWP offers a holistic approach to the physical development of golfers.

We work closely with swing instructors and golf professionals to ensure that the training process is complimentary. In addition to golf performance training we also offer nutritional services to complete the fitness circle.

Services Include:

  • 1on1/Group Golf Performance Training

  • Online Golf Performance Training

  • Course/Club Speed School Training Sessions (Weekly)

  • Course/Club Performance Training Sessions (Weekly)

  • Course/Club Curriculum Performance Consultancy

Training Goals:

  • Increase Mobility / Stability / Flexibility

  • Increase Strength / Power / Speed

  • Increase efficiency

  • Decrease limitations/muscle imbalances

  • Increase capacity to perform work

  • Positive Body Composition Changes

What this means for your swing/game:

  • Increased club head speed and ground reaction forces = distance.

  • Increased ability to produce force quickly (RFD)

  • Increase shot control

  • Decreased likelihood of injury

  • Decrease daily perception of stressors

  • Decrease the likelihood of Swing faults influencing your round

  • Increased general wellness and lower perception of stress

4 Stage Training Process

(1) TPI Screen & Bodyswing Analysis - $150

First, a series of tests are administered to evaluate and identify your readiness and physical limitations/ characteristics that are limiting your golfing swing and potential.

The TPI screen has a vast body of research within the PGA and LPGA tours. You will receive a ‘debrief’ showing what areas are your strengths and weaknesses; then comparing your results to those of a similar age on tour.

With the screen results, a home-training program will be created for your specific swing needs. No two swings are the same, which means that your program will be individualized to you. YouTube video links will be supplied.

Can be conducted in person (DFW Metroplex) or via Skype.

(2) Phase 1 - Movement Emphasis

During this phase movement will be emphasized, training through full ranges of movement with high movement quality. This is also an opportunity to increase aerobic capacity, and the capacity to move well.

Basic movement patterns will be taught and progressed including the squat, hinge, lunge, push, pull, carry and throw. We start off at the most fundamental level with all athletes ensuring that there are solid foundations.

The ‘core’ for MWP is everything from ankles to elbows, we will train to increase the ability to rotate and resist rotation.

Speed and power will also be trained simultaneously, however the methods will be less intense as the focus is on correcting asymmetries and restoring mobility/stability/flexibility.

(3) Phase 2 - Strength Emphasis

During the strength phase, we will use the newly found ranges of motion but increase the intensity. There is still a large emphasis placed on movement, but we will now be able to increase the load and therefore increase strength. One of the best methods to increase mobility is to train through full ranges of motion with load.

The more force you are able to apply into the ground, the more distance you will be able to tap into while golfing. We will objectively measure your ability to produce ground reaction forces and to make sure that we are training to increase your potential.

(4) Phase 3 - Power/Speed Emphasis

The final phase is the most intense and has a large emphasis on intent. We will be training some concurrent strength/power/speed throughout the 4 phases of this program, however this phase will see the largest realization of the foundation and strength work implemented beforehand.

In Person - Golf Performance Services

  • Golf Performance Training Program

    • Please contact MWP for information, pricing and availability.

    • Packages are available.

    • TPI Bodyswing Analysis must be purchased to dictate training goals.

    • Includes Height/Weight, Body Fat % Analysis.

    • Performance measures such as clubhead speed etc.

 Online - Golf Performance Packages

Online Grand Slam Performance Package - $1000

The ultimate program for online golf performance

  • 18 Week Training, Nutrition Coaching and Goal Setting System

    • 3x 6-week training blocks to increase your Movement, Strength, Power & Speed.

  • Access to the MWP App package:

    MWP App

    This application will be the home base for your strength and conditioning training.

    • Records all workouts, and lets you view progress week to week (sets/reps etc).

    • Provides a live template of the lift/conditioning that you are performing.

    • Access the MWP video library of exercises in real time.

    • Includes the ability to record girth measurements, body fat % and weight to measure progress.

    • Removes all of the guess work when performing your training sessions

    Activity Tracking

    • Track all daily activity objectively - so you can accurately measure your output

    • Measure sleep quality and duration - a factor in body composition changes

    Nutritional Tracking - MyFitnessPal

    This application will be your go to when recording what food you are consuming, a digital food diary.

    • Automatically breaks down what you are eating into macro-nutrients (CHO/Fat/PRO)

    • Makes meeting your macros very easy and obtainable

    • Comes with a bar code scanner, and food database to search what you are consuming.

  • Includes one TPI Screen & Bodyswing Analysis

    • Including prescribed exercises based on your screen results

  • Includes body composition testing and tracking

    • Body girth measurements and body fat %

  • Unlimited WhatsApp/Email Communication

  • Gym membership unnecessary (but highly preferred)

Online Champion Performance Package - $600

  • 12 Week Training System

    • $50 per week (12 weeks total)

    • 3x 4-week training blocks to increase your Movement, Strength, Power & Speed.

  • Access to the MWP App, with videos of all exercises - your digital training log

  • Includes one TPI Screen & Bodyswing Analysis

    • Including exercises based on your screen results

  • Unlimited WhatsApp/Email Communication

  • Gym membership unnecessary (but highly preferred)

Online Elite Performance Package - $300

  • 4 week Training System

    • $75 per week (4 weeks total)

  • Access to the MWP App, with videos of all exercises - your digital training log

  • TPI Screen must be purchased separately

  • Unlimited WhatsApp/Email Communication

  • Gym membership unnecessary (but highly preferred)

  • After Care Communication & Aid

The Process

  1. Submit your information below

  2. Receive and complete the Online Pre-Participation questionnaire package.

  3. Schedule a phone/video call with MWP.

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