1 on 1 - Personal Training

Social media is saturated with workout/meal plans, fad diets and quick fixes. The number one, scientifically proven factor in training success is the consistency (adherence) of a program.

Our 1 on 1 Personal Training combines the most tried and tested means and methods for both training and nutritional guidance. You will be receiving a first class training environment, combined with a nutritional advice that will allow you to meet your goals.

Our training programs utilize scientifically developed programming and structure to achieve goals over time. No two programs issued are the same - we customize the methods and structure what you enjoy the most, and will be able to maintain during your training process.

The same process is applied to your nutrition plan, and goal setting. Everything we set up for you will be specific to where you are at in your journey - and will evolve as you do.

When you begin, we will ask a series of thorough questions to tailor the system. We do not want you to give up your happiness in the pursuit of your fitness goals.    

The big picture view of this system is that we impart knowledge (nutrition, strength/conditioning and goal setting) so in the future we are no longer needed.

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